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Acknowledgement of Risk

I, the undersigned, recognize that there is an element of risk in boating or canoeing at any river level. I certify that I and my family or group are aware of the dangers from rapids, rocks, and trees (floating,
submerged, or overhanging the river). Therefore, I assume full responsibility for myself, my family, and minor children under my care for bodily injury, death, or loss of personal property and expenses
thereof as a result of my negligence or the negligence of my family participating in this activity, except to the extent such damage or injury may be due to the negligence of the concessioner.


I, the undersigned, also certify that I have been informed and will assure informing all members of my group of current river conditions, and of the potential danger relative to floating the river at this level, and of the safety precautions to be taken to avoid mishaps or injury. I, the undersigned, grant permission for Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging to drive/shuttle my vehicle and understand that there are inherent risks associated with such shuttle services and understand that I must have insurance to cover loss or damage to the vehicle.


I, the undersigned, understand that the concessioner agrees to limit the customer’s liability when settling for any and all claims for property damage or loss to the fair market value of the equipment at
the time of loss, or to a reasonable cost of repair to damaged equipment.

Lost Valley Canoe and Lodging
Acknowledgment of Risk

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