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Float Descriptions:  Ponca to Kyles Landing

Location Distance Narrative
Boxley to Ponca 6 miles This is a very short seasonal float, sometimes added to this trip. Beautiful, but not reliable for floating at any time of the year.
Ponca Low Water Bridge 0 miles The beginning for all the major floats on the Upper Buffalo River.
First Bluff 0.3 miles The river takes a hard right here on left then shoal to right followed by large gravel bar on left, that is a good campsite.
Bee Bluff 1.1 miles Just downstream of 100 yard rock garden.
Upper Steel Creek access 1.2 miles Upper Streel Creek access on right at top of shoal is rarely used.
Wrecking Rock 1.5 miles Wrectking Rock is mid-stream. Be altert!
Roak Bluff 2.0 miles On the left, it is the longest bluff on the Buffalo River and one of the most beautiful.
Steel Creek Access 2.6 miles On right with camp­ground. Buildings are visible to the right above Steel Creek which enters on right just downstream. Bathrooms within walking distance.
Fisher Point 3.2 miles On the right.
Big Bluff 4.6 miles The highest bluff (over 500 ft.) and one of the most magnificent bluffs to be found anywhere. Opposite big bluff is a good camping gravel bar. The goat trail is a ledge, which extends the length of Big Bluff, 350 ft. above the river.
Jim Bluff 6.5 miles On the left with large overhang has smooth rock with easy access from river for picnicking.
Sneed's Creek 7.1 miles On the left marks beginning of Horseshoe Bend. just downstream is Suck Hole where about.25% of the low water flow on the Buffalo runs underground shortcutting Horseshoe Bend. 1.5 mile access to Hemmed-in-Hollow is here but we recommended  much easier access at mile 7.5.
Hemmed-In-Hollow 7.5 miles On the left is a narrow dead-end canyon extending north. The approach is recognized by a low flat rock ledge along the right river bank. .5 miles up canyon path is a beautiful 200 ft. waterfall, the highest in the Ozarks.
Fish Trap Hole 7.8 miles Just downstream is stone ruins of a cabin. The underground flow from Suck Hole returns to the river at this point. Then, downstream is a 60 yd. rock garden with nice camping on left up high and a good gravel bar on the right bank.
Lick Ford 8.3 miles Has an S-shaped shoal.
Bear Creek Hollow 8.4 miles Take the spectacular walk up a winding creek with cascading waterfalls filled with moss and ferns on left. Popular with photographers.
Indian Creek 9.8 miles Just where the south running Buffalo River turns back to the north, Indian Creek enters the Buffalo behind a gravel bar and is easy to miss. Acclaimed by many to be the most picturesque area in the entire Ozark Mountain Region. It is a narrow twisting canyon with caves, waterfalls and under­ground tunnels. Dangerous hiking, don't go alone. Caves are closed to protect bats.
Gray Rock Shoal 9.9 miles Commonly referred to as The Haystacks consists of 200 yds. of high cresting white caps and waves which is a thrill to go through as you approach Gray Rock.
Gray Rock 10.0 miles The infamous Gray Rock which has caused many canoes to capsize, usually in a harmless fashion. In any event, canoeists who have already been by the rock which juts into the river course from the left, usually stop to enjoy the spectacle of their successors and their success or lack of. If you bear to the right and hug the inside curve of the right hand bend, no difficulty should arise.
Kyles Landing 10.3 miles A major access and very popular, secluded primitive campground on right utilized by Lost Valley Canoe.  Kyles is an excellent stopover on a two-day float or a perfect take-out for a one-day float. Road to Kyle's is somewhat rugged and is not recommended for RVs or buses. Lost Valley Canoe is fully equipped to provide shuttle service of any kind into Kyle's Landing. Kyles is arguably the hub of the Ponca Wilderness.
This is the best float on the Buffalo National River, and probably in all of the Ozarks. It is loaded with attractions, has places to explore, and a number of locations to stay overnight. It is no wonder that 85% of our customers choose to float it. It was recommended as the best float in the Ozarks by the travel writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  It is a perfect, 1 day, unhurried float, or the ideal first day of a two day float ending at Pruitt. During lower water periods, we may put in at Steel Creek, cutting a little off the trip. Call for details.
Buffalo River Ponca to Kyles